La Jolla Murals


La Jolla Murals


La Jolla is known for many things, beaches, surfing, and amazing restaurants to name a few. La Jolla is also home to many artists drawn to the natural beauty of the California Coastline. These local artists have created some amazing murals for the public to view in La Jolla.

The full list of public art is available on, and you can download a self-guided tour map! Here are some of our favorites:


1.       Roy McMakin, Favorite Color

7596 Eads Ave (2010)

2.       John Baldessari, Brain/Cloud (with Seascape and Palm Tree)

1250 Prospect Street – back side of building (2011) 

3.       Terry Allen, PLAYING LA JOLLA (for all it’s worth)

7611 Fay Avenue (2015) 

4.       Byron Kim & Vitoria Fu, Suns

Empress Hotel 7766 Fay Avenue (2016) 

5.       Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Demos Gracias

2259 Avenida la Playa (2016)

6.       The Shoal La Jolla Beach (2018)
6750 La Jolla

At The Shoal La Jolla Beach, our mural over the Pool and Hot Tub is of Windansea Beach, just a block from the hotel. Visit to make reservations and see the mural in person!