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La Jolla Open Aire Farmers Market

  La Jolla Open Aire Farmers Market   Everyone loves a good farmers market. Farmers markets are where you can find the best and most fresh produce, buy handcrafted goods and artwork, listen to and enjoy music, try out new international food and support local small businesses. Every Sunday from 9AM-1PM a farmers market is held at 7335 Girard Ave. What’s fun about the La Jolla farmers market is that there are also arts and crafts! It’s a great time for the kids and the adults. And, even better, all market proceeds benefit the children of La Jolla Elementary School. If you are in the area, I would recommend spending a fun and adventurous Sunday morning here where you can feel good about where your money goes.  Stay with us at The Shoal La Jolla Beach

3 Hidden Gems in La Jolla

  3 Hidden Gems in La Jolla   1.      The Tide Pools at Scripps Here you can find so many different species of sea critters during low tide, very exciting to see for the kids and also adults! Be mindful not to pick up the little creature as they have a very fragile ecosystem. 2.      Horseshow Beach (a.k.a Whispering Sands Beach) This beach is less frequented since it’s more known to locals. So if you’re looking for a more quiet beach day I’d give this one a try. There are also tidepools at this beach! 3.      La Jolla Caves The La Jolla caves are a century old tunnel with very picturesque views, you can visit these caves by making a reservation through The Cave Store. You can even go kayaking here for that extra experience!   Experience these hidden gems in La Jolla when you stay with us at The Shoal La Jolla Beach!