VETERANS DAY SAN DIEGO   In celebration of Veterans Day this year, there will be a boat parade as part of the San Diego Fleet Week to honor and celebrate the women and men of the Military and Veteran community.  The parade will take place at the San Diego Harbor in Downtown San Diego, Wednesday November 11 th  at 10:00am. There will also be vintage plane flyovers, live Coast Guard demos and other surprises! This event is free to the public, and a great way for families and every other patriots to celebrate Veterans Day. If you are not able to attend, the parade will also be streamed live on the Fleet Week website. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the Boat Parade and Stay by the ocean next week? Take advantage of our Special Offers: Give Thanks Package starts at just $99.50 per night so there is no excuse not to Treat yourself! Use code THANKS at for the Package, available for two-night stays Sunday through Thursday through December 15 th , 2020.  


  HALLOWEEN IN LA JOLLA AT THE BIRCH AQUARIUM HAUNTED AQUARIUM REMIX   Halloween may be different this year, but it can still be fun! At the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla they are hosting a month long event called the “Haunted Aquarium Remix”. This event starts October 1 st  and ends on October the 31 st . The aquarium is known for their “spooky science fun” and will continue that tradition outdoors with “new animal encounters” and activities made for the children from ages 2-10. Stunning outdoor spaces such as the “Tide Pool Plaza”, “Smargon Courtyard” and the “Education Courtyard” will be utilized so everyone can have fun safely. Children are encouraged to wear costumes when coming to visit, they’ll receive a “Discovery Booklet which includes self-guided explorations tied to Haunted Aquarium Remix activities”. Here they will learn more about and even be able to touch some of these “spooky” critters of the sea such as small sharks, seaweed and even sea spiders! So come have f

La Jolla Open Aire Farmers Market

  La Jolla Open Aire Farmers Market   Everyone loves a good farmers market. Farmers markets are where you can find the best and most fresh produce, buy handcrafted goods and artwork, listen to and enjoy music, try out new international food and support local small businesses. Every Sunday from 9AM-1PM a farmers market is held at 7335 Girard Ave. What’s fun about the La Jolla farmers market is that there are also arts and crafts! It’s a great time for the kids and the adults. And, even better, all market proceeds benefit the children of La Jolla Elementary School. If you are in the area, I would recommend spending a fun and adventurous Sunday morning here where you can feel good about where your money goes.  Stay with us at The Shoal La Jolla Beach

3 Hidden Gems in La Jolla

  3 Hidden Gems in La Jolla   1.      The Tide Pools at Scripps Here you can find so many different species of sea critters during low tide, very exciting to see for the kids and also adults! Be mindful not to pick up the little creature as they have a very fragile ecosystem. 2.      Horseshow Beach (a.k.a Whispering Sands Beach) This beach is less frequented since it’s more known to locals. So if you’re looking for a more quiet beach day I’d give this one a try. There are also tidepools at this beach! 3.      La Jolla Caves The La Jolla caves are a century old tunnel with very picturesque views, you can visit these caves by making a reservation through The Cave Store. You can even go kayaking here for that extra experience!   Experience these hidden gems in La Jolla when you stay with us at The Shoal La Jolla Beach!  

The Benefits of Ocean Water

  The Benefits of Ocean Water   Have you ever noticed how nice your skin feels after a day at the beach? Or how you feel so relaxed? I started to wonder why that is, so let's look into it! The ocean is very rich in minerals like potassium, iron, zinc, sodium, magnesium which all individually have great health benefits with anti-inflammatory properties. That is why ocean water is a great natural treatment for sensitive skin, such as eczema-prone skin. Swimming in cold ocean water also activates temperature receptors that are under the skin which release hormones like endorphins, cortisol and adrenaline. The release of these hormones have been linked to the release of dopamine and serotonin. So basically, ocean water makes your outside AND inside happy and healthy! After learning so much about the benefits of ocean water, I’ll definitely be visiting the ocean more! Luckily, The Shoal La Jolla Beach is just steps away from these ocean benefits a

La Jolla Cove Pacific Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions

La Jolla Cove Pacific Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions     La Jolla is home to both Pacific harbor seals and California sea lions, the best place to see them is La Jolla Cove which is typically a less than 10-minute drive from our boutique hotel “ The Shoal La Jolla ”. I would absolutely recommend a visit to La Jolla Cove to anyone visiting La Jolla. I always take my youngest siblings to see the seals and sea lions whenever they visit, and they always say it’s the “best day ever!”.   If this is your first time visiting the seals and sea lions here are a few good things to know: La Jolla cove is open year round but the Children’s Pool in Casa Beach is closed from December 15 – May 15 to protect new born seal pups. If you can’t see any seals at the cove try looking at the rock straight ahead; known at “Seal Rock,” this is a very beloved spot to the seals. The seals are more out after sundown after they’ve searched for their food for the day. Always remember to stay

Where to Watch Fireworks in San Diego this Fourth of July!

Many planned fireworks shows around San Diego County have been cancelled due to the pandemic, but there are a few places still planning on lighting up our skies this year! El Cajon: The July 4 th Independence Day Fireworks show will still go on as planned at 9:00pm from John F. Kennedy Park, however there will be no gatherings allowed at the park. Poway: Poway’s 4 th of July Fireworks Show will go off simultaneously from Poway High School and the city’s Sportsplex in the South Poway Business Park at 9:00pm. Cars with parking permits will be allowed to watch fireworks from Lake Poway, but unfortunately those permits are sold out. Vista: You can buy tickets to Vista’s July 4 th Fireworks 2020: Brengle Terrace Park Show. Tickets will only be sold in person at the VisTix/Recreation Office at the Civic Center. Tickets will be available to non-vist